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To conduct the test, drops of allergens (household, food, pollen, epidermal, etc.) are applied to the skin of the forearm or back. Two control solutions are mandatory: histamine (positive control) and 0.9% sodium chloride (negative control). Then, through drops with a special device - prik - the allergen is introduced 1 mm deep into the skin and after 10-15 minutes it is possible to understand by the reaction of the skin whether the patient has this or that sensitization. A positive response in the prick test is the presence of a blister of 3 mm or more.

How to distinguish allergic rhinitis from vasomotor.

With vasomotor rhinitis, the vessels of the nose become extremely sensitive and dilated, which leads to swelling, nasal congestion and impaired nasal breathing. Unlike allergic rhinitis, the development of sildenafil pills rhinitis is not associated with any allergen. Most often it leads to: the use of vasoconstrictor drops (decongestants); hormonal changes (eg, during pregnancy, puberty, endocrine diseases); irritants (hot or spicy food, cold air); stress. Symptoms characteristic of allergic rhinitis: itching in the nose, frequent sneezing, copious watery discharge from the nose, itching, redness and swelling of the eyes are much less common with vasomotor rhinitis.

Treatment of patients suffering from allergic rhinitis should be prescribed taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. It will include: Antihistamines for systemic and local action. Aimed at suppressing the action of free histamine.

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These are drugs that inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells - histamine, etc.

Stabilizers of mast cell membranes of systemic and local action.

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Intranasal vasoconstrictor sprays and drops are used to relieve mucosal edema (oximetazoline, xylometazoline). Used only to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion, used viagra sildenafil in a short course (no more than 3-7 days). Decongestants do not stop allergic inflammation, so when you stop taking them, complaints may resume. Active substance Indicator of systemic bioavailability Age restrictions for the use of mometasone furoate Less than 0.1% 2 years Fluticasone furoate Less than 0.5% 2 years Fluticasone propionate 2.00% 4 years Budesonide 34.00% 6 years Beclomethasone 44.00% 6 years.

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Anti-leukotriene drugs (leukotriene receptor antagonists - montelukast) reduce inflammation that has an infectious or allergic cause. These are promising drugs, especially indicated for the combination of allergic rhinitis with a broncho-obstructive component and bronchial asthma. They have a high safety and efficacy profile. Can be used from the age of two. Apply courses for at least 1-3 months.

These drugs include cromones (sodium cromoglycate and sodium nedocromil). These are topical intranasal forms, they are safe, but have a less pronounced and lasting effect. More often used for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis and mild forms of allergic rhinitis.